Residential Design Process

Below are the stages of our Residential Design Process.  These steps pull all the information together needed to build your home whether it is a hybrid timber frame or a complete timber frame structure.

Conceptual Drawings

Basic 2d set with floor plans, elevations and 3d renderings.   The goal at this stage is to represent to the team the home style and intent and offer the first review by all.   It will also allow the contractor and sub-contractors their first chance to put numbers to the project.

Sign-off Drawings

At this stage we have developed and gotten the first thumbs up on the design and everyone feels good about the direction of the home.   The drawings now become more developed so the owner, contractor and sub-contractors can confirm dimensions, style, and details.   This is the final thumbs up before the complete and detailed drawings are prepared.   A thorough review by all at this is imperative.   This is the set that the bank will require to properly appraise the home.

Construction Drawings

This is the build to set of drawings.   A complete 2d set with all the information for the engineer, contractor, owner and sub-contractors is created.   This stage we will also create all the 3D isometric and exploded drawings needed for construction.  It is the final set of drawings that will be utilized by the entire team. Included in this foundation, floor framing, electrical and floor plans, as well as all the elevations and sectional views needed to represent the details to everyone in the team.

Shop Drawings

This set delves into details of the frame to an extreme and provides the timber frame company all the info to cut the frame as efficiently as possible.   Each piece of the frame is dimensioned and spec’ed out, a final timber list is prepared and a cut sheet is produce.   This will allow them to cut the frame as proficiently as possible and reduce any head scratching in the shop.