Since our very first project, Whetstone Designs has been broadening its portfolio and developing relationships with two main types of clients. We recognize that bringing your timber frame structure to life is a complex, often emotional process, and so we turn our focus on the individual needs of each building project. Few other timber frame design companies can compete with our level of detail, flexibility and convenience.

To read more about the services we are able to provide, please consider your attributes as a potential timber frame builder:

Homeowners: Homeowners or home builders are generally looking for a timber frame design and/or builder for residential purposes. Perhaps you’re still doing research on the benefits of living in a timber frame house, or maybe you know exactly how you’d like your floor plan to flow and now all you need are the necessary drawings.

Professionals: If you are an architect, building contractor or timber frame company, you can outsource your design work with Whetstone, and offer more competitive pricing to your clients.

Contact us directly if you have questions about how you can collaborate with Whetstone Designs.